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Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Crystal Springs Landscape approaches landscape maintenance with two goals in mind – a consistently beautiful and healthy exterior environment, and to provide peace of mind to satisfied clients. We help organizations achieve their landscape goals through our commitment to quality and trustworthy service. CSL believes that a professionally designed, installed and managed landscape “grows” in value each year. It is a living investment for our clients that enhances their image and creates a positive first impression of beauty, prestige, and quality. We know our clients have budgets to meet and our recommendations reflect these considerations. We wish to provide the best value for their investment. We always welcome a team approach. We do not just want satisfied customers, we want enthusiastic clients! It is our goal to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of all of our clientele. Our commercial landscape maintenance program includes:

  • Turf Care(mowing, edging, fertilization, disease/insect and weed control).
  • Shrub & Groundcover Care (pruning, shearing, edging, fertilization, disease/insect and weed control). Tree Care (small trees in-house, large trees through established partners)
  • Irrigation Management (program management, regular irrigation system checks, repairs, system upgrades, and water auditing.)
  • Regular Site Inspections by supervisors and senior management.
  • Client Walk-Throughs as requested.
  • Detailed Budgeting and Reporting.

Quality Standards

A Crystal Springs landscape is clean and crisply detailed, yet has a natural, healthy appearance. All edges of ground covers and lawns are sharply finished, and no trash or debris mars the beauty of our creation. Specifically, our standards are:

  • Lawns are green and uniform in color and texture. A regularly applied program of fertilizer, pre-emergent and broadleaf treatment keeps the growth of weeds and foreign grasses to a minimum.
  • Shrubs are pruned according to their design function and their natural growth character, mechanically or by hand as appropriate. A clear area roughly six inches above the soil or ground cover is maintained for healthy penetration of air and water, as well as to eliminate potential traps for leaves and debris.
  • Trees are pruned according to their growth habits and purpose in the landscape. Clean cuts direct growth without encouraging undesireable sprouting or creating wounds that invite disease.
  • Flower beds start with good-sized, Healthy plants and ample soil preparation. With meticulous care, paying special attention to potential fungus or insect invasion, such flower beds develop rapidly into dramatic sweeps of color.
  • Irrigation systems must be kept in Good Repair with correct parts, and clock settings adjusted precisely to produce the most beneficial effects with the least amount of water usage.

Every Crystal Springs landscape demonstrates our commitment to Excellence and to the highest standards of Client Service.