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Interior Landscape Design

Interior Landscape Design

Installation and Maintenance

Interior plants, give any office a breath of fresh air!

Interiorscapes soften the sometimes cold appearance of hard office interiors and cubicles, and the positive effects of indoor plants on human health and productivity are well documented.

The best choice for interior landscaping is a company large enough to provide savings and efficiency, yet small enough to provide experienced and personalized service.
Crystal Springs Landscape Company is this company.

Our Interiorscape services

  • Design and Installation, including plant selection, containers and irrigation systems.
  • Environmentally Sensitive, integrated pest control
  • Weekly Maintenance Inspections by an Interiorscape Technician/Supervisor


    • Plants are maintained, green and fresh-looking.
    • Plants with shiny leaves will be regularly cleaned and polished, while palms and similar plants will be kept clean and dust free.
    • Moss is provided for an aesthetic covering of the soil and contributes to proper soil moisture. It is replaced annually to retain its fresh appearance.
    • Containers will be kept clean by the Crystal Springs technician in charge of managing the Interiorscape.
  • Detailed Budgeting and Reporting

We can also provide you with the perfect HOLIDAY decor to enhance your office and building. We specialize in beautifully custom-designed live and faux trees, holiday wreaths, poinsettias and more!